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We know the plants very well in Central CT.  Don’t risk injury or damaging your plants by attempting to do this landscape task yourself!

What’s Included in a Pruning Service?

Shrub Shaping Service
Shrub Pruning

We shape shrubs based on their natural growth habits.  Cones, circles, and squares/rectangles are the most common shapes we prune plants into.

Local Bush Trimming Service
Bush Trimming

We prune all types of bushes from decidous to evergreen and even flowering shrubs.  We take extra precaution to ensure we don’t cut any blooms off your flowering plants!

Professional Hedge Trimming
Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is a common term used with pruning continuous rows of plants.  Hedges look absolutely stunning after a professional pruning service.  We would love to show you.

Landscape Plant Maintenance
Debris Removal

Once all of the pruning has been completed and the clipping are laying around the base of the plants, we carefully go around and collect and remove the debris.

Plant Pruning Methods

Envision Landscape & Design utilizes several different plant pruning methods to trim the plants in the CT River Valley.

Hedge trimmers are our go-to choice but this is not always the right tool for the job!

We have an array of hand pruners, loopers, and shears to ensure each specific plant is pruned properly.

Pruning Service Checklist

  • Double check notes for any special requests made by our client
  • Identify each plant to ensure we are pruning at the proper time of the year and using the correct tool for the job
  • Carefully shape each shrub using its natural form as a guide
  • Collect and remove all clippings the service created
  • Double check our work
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Landscape Bed Plant Maintenance
Envision Landscape & Design
Paradise Lawn Care ReviewJames and his team at JS Landscaping have done nothing but impress us with their attention to detail and rock solid reliability.

Amy R. – West Hartford, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewThanks for the good work this season, looking forward to having you back in the Spring!

Justin K. – Newington, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewThe yard is looking better than ever! Thanks for taking great care of it!

Colleen H. – West Hartford, CT

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