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Mulch Refreshing

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There is no need for you to break a sweat, let alone your back, when it comes to mulching your landscape beds in West Hartford or nearby.

What’s Included in a Mulch Refreshing Service?

Affordable Mulch Service
Bulk Mulch

We have checked the quality of the mulch at all of the local lawn and garden center.  We will make sure you get the very best mulch that will stay looking great for months to come.

Mulch Topdressing

Often we will bring the mulch of your choice with us to complete your service.  For larger mulch jobs, we can also arrange for the mulch yard to deliver the mulch right to your property.

New Mulch Installation
Prepping For Mulch

We are a professional landscape service.  We always prepare landscape beds before installing new mulch!  Expect your beds to be edged and weeded before any mulch is spread.

How We Think

Nothing rejuvenates a tired landscape like fresh mulch.  Over time as your existing mulch decomposes and the sun beats down on it day after day, a mulch refreshing is a cost-effective way to bring your landscaping back to life.

We don’t want you to get hurt attempting to maintain your landscape beds and also don’t want you to get ripped off by a fly-by-night landscape company.  Trust the pros at Envision Landscape & Design to perform an honest and fair mulch service.

We also recommend our clients consider having us prune the plants in their landscape beds before new mulch is applied.  We don’t want all of those clippings ending up on top of your new mulch!

Mulch Service Checklist

  • Have all notes made by the client available for reference by your landscape crew leader
  • Ensure we are getting the right color and type of mulch you requested or we recommended
  • Prune all plants before mulching if requested
  • Pull any and all weeds from your flower beds
  • Cut in a defined edge to retain your new mulch within the beds
  • Spread mulch evenly thoroughout your beds
  • Cleanup our mess completely!
  • Stop, look, and admire our work before we move on to the next job.
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Ready For Your Fresh Mulch?

Mulch Refreshing Service
Envision Landscape & Design

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewWe really appreciate your attention to detail and the quality work that your team provides.

Stephanie T. – West Hartford, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewI wanted to let you know that the guys are doing an awesome job with the lawn.  I’m so glad I switched to your company.  Thanks again!

Matt L. – Newington, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewHire this company and you won’t regret it. The best landscaper I have ever seen!

Aidan – West Hartford, CT

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