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We offer an easy to use and affordable lawn mowing service in West Hartford, Hartford, and the nearby communities in Connecticut.

Every Mowing Service Includes

Grass Cutting Service
Mowing The Grass

We have existing routes that we will work your lawn into.  This allows us to operate on a schedule so you know when to expect us out to mow.

Grass Trimming Service
Trimming Around Obstacles

Trimming and edging is included in every lawn mowing service we perform.  In our opinion, this is just as important as the lawn mowing itself.

Seasonal Flower Installation Service NKY
Grass Clipping Cleanup

Cleaning up the grass clippings before we leave is the final step of our lawn mowing service.  Expect to come home to a lawn that looks great!

How We Think

We don’t just want to mow your lawn, we want to mow your neighbors’ lawn, and then the next, until we seem to be mowing your entire neighborhood!

Many lawn care companies have recently got out of the mowing business because they say they just can’t make any money mowing grass.  We did they were doing it wrong!

We are able to keep our prices fair and affordable by limiting our drive time and mowing many homes in a small geographic area.

We will mow any lawn!  But, we prefer to mow thick, healthy, weed-free lawns!  We do offer a lawn treatment program that is guaranteed to deliver results. 

Weekly Mowing Service Checklist

  • Ensure we are parked in a safe location not blocking fire hydrants, driveways, or mailboxes
  • Attention to detail while performing each step of the lawn mowing process (Mowing, edging, trimming, and cleanup)
  • Be conscientious of our surroundings at all times (People, animals, debris, etc.)
  • Alternate mowing patterns regularly
  • Double check mowing, trimming, and edging before blowing the grass clippings off
  • Make sure your fence is locked (if applicable)
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Paradise Lawn Care ReviewThanks for the excellent work on our lawn!

Becca F. – Newington, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewMy yard looks great!!

Steve K. – West Hartford, CT

Paradise Lawn Care ReviewOur property is looking outstanding thanks to all your hard work!

Jeffrey K. – West Hartford, CT

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