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Lawn Aeration is great for compacted soils and lawns with heavy foot traffic.

What is a lawn aeration?

Core Aeration
Core Aeration

Aeration involves poking small holes into your lawn to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more resilent lawn.

Lawn Being Aerated
When to aerate?

The fall is the #1 time to aerate your lawn, but it is also very beneficial in the spring.  The reason for this is because during the spring and fall your turfs’ roots are growing most vigorously.  

Benefits of Lawn Aerating
Benefits of Aeration

Along with allowing water and nutrients to travel deeper into the soil which encourages root development, aerating your lawn also breaks up the thatch layer and de-compacts the soil.

How We Think

Core aerating your lawn reduces soil compaction which creates a channel through which oxygen, water, and nutrients can penetrate into the soil.  Now that the water and nutrients can more easily travel deeper into the soil, your lawn’s root system will dig deep to retrieve them.  This creates a strong root system which is the starting basis for a beautiful lawn.

There is an unanimous agreed upon saying among turf care professional that states: Core aerating your lawn is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your lawn!

Don’t forget we offer many other spring and fall lawn care services to handle all of your lawn care needs.

Aeration and Grass Seed?

Overseeding fills in thin and bare areas and introduces young, fresh grass plants to your already established lawn.  Immediately after aerating is an ideal time to sow grass seed.  The reason being the aeration process just created thousands of holes for the grass seed to germinate out of.

De-thatching is another service we offer may also be beneficial.  Aerating your lawn simply breaks up the thatch layer on top of your soil’s surface, de-thatching can completely remove it.

If the thatch layer on your soil surface has become so thick and dense water is having a hard time penetrating it, we stongly recommend to have us de-thatch your lawn before running the core aerating machine over your lawn.

And, just to be clear, aerating alone (without also sowing more grass seed) is super beneficial!  Overseeding at this time is just icing on the cake.

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